License Agreements


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Agreement between Footage File, LLC and (“Producer”), and its successors and assigns. 

Production: (“Production”): 

Rights cleared:

Rate Terms:

Billing Total:

Footage (“Footage”):


Footage provided by Footage File, LLC to the Producer is non-exclusive and is authorized for use only in the Production specified in this licensing agreement.  This Footage may not be sold, rented, licensed, re-used or re-cut into any other production without incurring additional licensing fees. The Footage provided by Footage File is not purchased from Footage File, LLC  but rather a limited usage license is granted for this specific production. 


Footage File warrants that the Footage supplied is either in the public domain or is represented by Footage File,LLC for the copyright holder and that it has the right, power and authority to grant the rights herein granted and that neither the Producer’s use of the Footage nor anything contained therein infringes on the copyright of any third party, excluding the music that is featured with the clips and the talent/personality rights of the people appearing in the footage, neither of which are covered nor indemnified by this agreement. The Producer is responsible for obtaining all other clearances and permissions needed in connection with its use of Footage (primarily but not exclusively limited to music, talent, and/or personal releases, locations, trademarks, logos, etc) and shall indemnify and hold Footage File harmless from any and all claims, losses, demands and liabilities arising out of Producer’ usage of Footage that is not covered by Footage File, LLC’s representations and warranties.


Producer understands and hereby acknowledges that Footage File, LLC is not involved in any way in the Editorial process or Producer’s use of the Footage that is being provided and thereby agrees to indemnify and hold Footage File harmless against any disputes, liabilities, lawsuits, etc., that may arise from Producer’s Editorial use of the Footage and how it ultimately appears in the Producer’s final Production. 


The provisions herein constitute the entire understanding between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof.  Any additions to or changes in this agreement shall be valid only if set forth in writing and signed by the parties. 


In the event of an uncured breach by Producer hereunder, Footage File, LLC shall not have the right to injunctive relief with respect to the exhibition and/or exploitation of the Production or any element thereof.


Footage File, LLC requests that an on-screen credit be granted if other providers of image content (Footage and/or Stills) are being listed and credited as well.  No casual or inadvertent failure to accord the foregoing credit shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement