California, The Central Valley and How Man Uses The Land For Agriculture, USA, 1960s

stock footage California agriculture logging desert Yosemite National Park farm farms farming tractor potatoes conveyor belt harvest grain cotton factory dairy raisons workers
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California, The Central Valley and How Man Uses The Land For Agriculture, USA, 1960s

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025002-0002 California, The Central Valley and How Man Uses The Land For Agriculture 1966. "Lumber, timber industry, crane moves logs and loads on logging truck. California desert. Tourists at Yosemite National Park overlook. Aerial over California farmland. Tractor pulling plow across dry land. High angle over tilled land and plow patterns. Potatoes on conveyor belt, cotton bud, grape harvested by farm worker, tomatoes sorted by farm worker on conveyor belt, grain from low angle. Tractor pulls plow, tilling potatoes. Harvester pulled beside truck, potato farm. Pan across cotton field, close up of cotton bud, development of cotton, bud opening (good). Crop duster biplane over cotton field, spraying insecticides. Cotton harvester in field (good), cotton dumped into bin in field. Cotton processing plant or factory. Pan across field of wheat, harvester, grain. Irrigation sprinklers in fields, water supply for farmers (good), more harvesters in field, various. Cattle ranch or farm. cattle are fed hay from tractor. Dairy industry, milking cows, interior. Irrigation, water flowing in ditch, tilt up to fields, water flowing out of pipe, pollution. California aqueduct. Aerial over dam, water flowing out of dam in aqueduct, aerial over aqueduct. Fields, farm workers covering up raisins. Exterior Sun Maid Raisin factory pan across, raisin farm, raisin factory and workers, farm workers, grape picker in vineyard. Aerial over farmland, wetlands, delta region with sun reflecting. Tractor in farm field plowing, farm workers. Harvester in field, men sorting tomatoes from above (good), conveyor belt at factory. Sacramento River, grain or wheat from below low angle. Tractor in field, harvester, various. Men digging grain in truck. Tree shaking machine (hein) nervous energy, sweeper gathering fruit, automated tree shaker. Cattle grazing on open plain or prairie.