Life Along the Amazon River, Peru, South America, 1960s

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Life Along the Amazon River, Peru, South America, 1960s

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025001-0002 Life Along the Amazon River, Peru, South America, 1960s
Riverboat on Amazon, shots from small motorboat up Amazon. Andes or generic mountain peaks, various, rivers and streams. Steam train passing at high speed, generic in desert landscape (good), POV from a car of street and Peruvians in bowler type hats, mountains and mines from a distance. Steam freight train passing with two steam engines. Old mine, various high-angle views, Peruvian girls smiling faces, various. Llama grazing on a grassy hillside, close up of llama chewing, shepherd faces, mountain goats or wild burros on the hillside, shepherds. The woman puts the child on the back, the baby in a backpack, children's faces, and an overview of the fields. Old DC aeroplane on runway, taxiing, aerials over Amazon. IQUITOS, PERU, streets and central park, horsecart, pan across Amazon with huts, a man in small canoe rowing with bananas, huts and motorboats, a man carrying bag, bananas, fruit market, a man with firewood on the bow of a boat. Rainy streets and pedestrians, wider view of slums in rain (good), women with umbrellas, fruit on the ground, fish on the ground with flies. Timber industry, cutting logs, plywood boards stacked against the factory, pan across sawmill factory, man loading wood into a shredder, a conveyor belt of wood chips, deforestation. River shot, huts beside a river, a man pulling up a tree, cutting vegetation with a machete, banana tree, man cutting open fruit with a machete Tilt up very large tree, people in grass skirts, South American Indians, blowpipe demonstration, views of Amazon, men in canoes fishing